Attending Thinc Iowa

I am excited to spend the day at Thinc Iowa presented by Silicon Prairie News. The event is positioned as "the common ground between corporations and startups." From the minute I first heard about the event this summer, I knew it was something right down my alley. I have always had an interest in entrepreneurship and a big focus of Knowledge Bridge Partners and this blog is to explore areas that business analysis practitioners (most common in corporations) can learn from other domains. What could be a better combination?

Such a good combination in fact that not only did I decide to attend the event; I also decided that Knowledge Bridge Partners should sponsor it. Schedule conflicts prevented me from taking advantage of some of the networking opportunities offered up before and after the main event today, but I felt it was important to show my support for a gathering with the simple goal to:

"Motivate people to explore new ways of doing business, challenge them to think differently, and give them a place to network outside their normal circle. Corporate attendees will connect with startups that are developing game-changing ideas. Startups will connect with companies that understand how to successfully position and sell a product or service."

I hope to come out of the day with some great new connections and a head full of ideas on how business analysis practitioners can act more like entrepreneurs, even inside their current companies.

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