Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset

Book by Kent J. McDonald. Illustrations by Jeff Rains. Published by Addison-Wesley, September 2015. ISBN:978-0321834553

BR_Cover_0321834550Satisfy Stakeholders by Solving the Right Problems, in the Right Ways

In Beyond Requirements, Kent J. McDonald shows how applying analysis techniques with an agile mindset can radically transform analysis from merely “gathering and documenting requirements” to an important activity teams use to build shared understanding. First, McDonald discusses the unique agile mindset, reviews the key principles underlying it, and shows how these principles link to effective analysis. Next, he puts these principles to work in four wide-ranging and thought-provoking case studies. Finally, he drills down on a full set of techniques for effective agile analysis, using examples to show how, why, and when they work.

McDonald’s strategies will teach you how to understand stakeholders’ needs, identify the best solution for satisfying those needs, and build a shared understanding of your solution that persists throughout the product lifecycle. He also demonstrates how to iterate your analysis, taking advantage of what you learn throughout development, testing, and deployment so that you can continuously adapt, refine, and improve.

Whether you’re an analysis practitioner or you perform analysis tasks as a developer, manager, or tester, McDonald’s techniques will help your team consistently find and deliver better solutions.

Who Is This Book For?

If you find yourself performing analysis on a project in order to make sure the project is delivering the right thing, this book is for you. You may identify yourself as a business analyst (or derivation of that title), product owner, product manager, project manager, tester, or developer.

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