Demos are for Getting Feedback

Demos exist primarily to get feedback from your stakeholders when you can’t get feedback from them during the course of a sprint. In this post, I explore a set of questions I frequently get regarding demos and answer them from a product ownership perspective.


Agile2015 Highlights

A quick summary of the Agile2015 sessions that I got the most out of. These sessions tended to discuss fairly simple techniques but did a deep enough dive that I was able to get some good nuggets out of them. A few of these sessions prompted some ideas that I’ll explore in more depth a bit later.


What is Product Ownership?

Product ownership is all about determining the right things to build and utilizes activities from product management, business analysis, and user experience. This post provides my guesses at the collections of activities from each of those fields to identify product ownership activities and asks you if I’m even close.

Acceptance Criteria Mind Map

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria are the conditions that a solution must satisfy to be accepted by a user, a customer, or, in the case of system-level functionality, the consuming system. They are also a set of statements, each with a clear pass/fail result, that specify both functional and nonfunctional requirements and are applicable at a variety of levels (feature and user stories).